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core values

Xavier Lederer shares an article that includes the steps to be taken to help discover and confirm the mission statement of your company or brand. “Who cares about our Core Purpose?” I thought when I joined my first company. “Isn’t a Core Purpose just a few vague nice-sounding words in an employee handbook?” I couldn’t […]


Paul Millerd shares eleven timeless insights on the value of life and work options. #1 Valuation & Options On The Pathless Path When I listen to my own podcasts, I am often surprised at how I don’t fully remember everything from the conversation. This can be embarrassing until you realize that this happens in many […]

  While many companies pay lip service to company values, and many more don’t pay attention past the brand development and marketing stage, Xavier Lederer shares an evergreen post from his company blog that explains why establishing and maintaining core values are integral to a company’s direction, growth, and success. ‘Corporate culture is the only […]