Consumer Engagement

Consumer Engagement


In a recent podcast from Subscription Stories, Robbie Kellman Baxter shares the secrets behind building a successful membership community. 

We crave community.

More than ever, community is what ties us together and motivates us to be our best selves every day. Increasingly, we’re finding those connections online. From clothing manufacturers to conference organizers to professional services providers, community creators struggle to build authentic, sticky, and even profitable communities.

Gina Bianchini knows the secrets to strong communities.

She has dedicated much of her career to ushering in a new era of digital community. In addition to MightyNetworks, the community platform, she also co-founded Ning and grew it to over 100 million users in 300000 active networks.

I recently sat down with her to talk about how to launch and build community as part of a broader Forever Transaction. In our wide-ranging conversation, we also discussed how to incorporate other elements of value into your community, such as content, digital courses and subscription commerce. Enjoy!


Key points discussed include:

  • Distinction between the ad business versus the subscription business matters
  • Identifying sticky content as opposed to quantity of content
  • Subscription overwhelm and subscription fatigue


Read the transcripts or listen to the podcast, Secrets to Building Membership Communities, on LinkedIn.