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Andrew Hone shares a step-by-step guide to applying top-tier strategic consulting techniques. What is a strategy review? A strategy review is a process to identify new value-creating opportunities within a business. It could be about improving the performance of an existing division. Or it could be about taking advantage of a new market adjacency opportunity. […]

  In this week’s post from David A. Fields, he offers stellar advice and two simple, yet powerful tips to help consultants make a positive impression within the first five minutes of a meeting.  The initial few minutes of every client meeting present your consulting firm with a unique opportunity. Will you let it slip […]


  With the pandemic slowing the pace in how we live and work, many of us may feel stuck. Luckily, Mike Ross shares a quick tip to help set movement in motion.  I’m lucky to spend a lot of my time working with highly intelligent, motivated people; helping them think through decisions for themselves and […]

  David A. Fields posts a positive reminder that everyone can promote purposeful change, including consultants.   Today’s an excellent day to briefly remind you of the good your consulting firm does, and the importance of understanding the “Why” behind your consulting firm’s engagements. In all likelihood, your consulting firm doesn’t directly address widespread injustice, […]

David A. Fields offers actionable advice on how to respond to a client when consulting work veers off the rails.   When you, your consulting team and your client all stay on task and positive, consulting is a fun, challenging and rewarding profession. When consulting work veers off the rails, though, how should you respond? […]