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company values

company values

In this article, Dan Markovitz explores what makes a company a healthy one. What is a healthy person? We can argue over specific metrics, but we’d all agree that we have to account for physical as well as mental/emotional health. What is a healthy organization? As with individuals, there will be disagreement over metrics, but […]

Xavier Lederer shares an article that includes the steps to be taken to help discover and confirm the mission statement of your company or brand. “Who cares about our Core Purpose?” I thought when I joined my first company. “Isn’t a Core Purpose just a few vague nice-sounding words in an employee handbook?” I couldn’t […]

  If you are thinking about building a marketing strategy for the coming year, this post from Kaihan Krippendorff’s company blog may have the direction you need. The “ultimate strategy” is explained and explored.  Is “be good” a part of your 2021 strategy? If not, you should reconsider. When I was in business school, we […]


  Jay Jung shares a case study that explains how his company helped a client with their fundraising process, and increased their valuation by 80% and doubled the capital raise. One of our clients received a term sheet from a well-known VC in the industry. Our client was very excited as getting an investment from […]