community membership

community membership

In the latest Subscription Stories podcast from Robbie Baxter, she identifies how  YPO gets CEOs to engage in membership community, even though they’re really busy.

Scott Mordell was the CEO of the Young Presidents’ Organization or YPO from 2011 through 2020. Prior to that, he was a YPO member as the result of leadership roles at Chamberlain Group, HeathCo LLC, Duchossois Industries and Arlington International Racecourse. The YPO Community includes more than 29,000 members in more than 140 countries. Membership is limited to executives and entrepreneurs who have achieved significant leadership success at a young age. Combined, they lead businesses and organizations contributing $9 trillion in annual revenue.

What I find fascinating about YPO is how intense and powerful the community is. People I know who are members will move mountains to make sure they can attend their regular meetings despite the fact that they’re among the busiest people I know. Many of them fit the bill of superusers, my word to describe members who go beyond just being good members who pay their dues and get value from the offerings, but contribute significant time and money of their own to benefit the organization. Scott and I discussed what YPO has done structurally to attract, engage and retain CEOs around the world, how they’ve managed to recreate the magic globally and how they transform members into superusers.


Key points include:

  • The friction-laden process of identifying ideal members
  • Leadership as a whole-person experience
  • Keeping a high level of community and culture even as you grow, expand and evolve


Read the transcripts or listen to the full podcast, How YPO Gets CEOs to Engage in Membership Community, Even Though They’re Really Busy, on LinkedIn.