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communication tips


Martin Pergler shares an article on interviewing experts to ensure best results. Building strategic or financial planning models invariably involves agreeing on forward-looking estimates for crucial assumptions using #expertinsight, sometimes as single-point estimates, sometimes as multiple #scenarios, and sometimes as (approximate) probability distributions. Unfortunately, the way experts are interviewed often significantly limits the information gained […]

Sohil Parekh shares ten tips on caring for aging parents when they live in a different country. You are NRI from the USA? Working for MNC with ESOP? Probably you are HNI wanting to make FDI? Previously PIO having OCI? There is GOI scheme. You can open NRO/NRE/FD/DEMAT (but not HUF) with INR. We are […]

David A. Fields shares an irresistible post on communication and how to develop the language your consulting firm uses to improve both relationships and results. You can enhance your consulting firm’s performance and results by reexamining the language you use to understand and communicate your clients’ challenges. A cursory internet search surfaces a plethora of […]