James Anderson shares a wise word or two from the world of existential philosophy and how it relates to the world of work. Defining ‘existentialism’ is surprisingly difficult.  For a start, few of its most famous proponents would even recognise or accept the label – and fewer still are partial to simple explanations*.  When people […]


Amy Giddon is offering a free Work-It-Through empowerment session.  I believe that no one should feel isolated at work. I’d like to offer my support. To kick off 2024, I’m offering 24 free “Work-It-Through” sessions in January. These 25-minute sessions are to support, encourage and empower people at work.  Examples of how we can use […]

Pam Fox Rollin shares an article she co-wrote with Dario Nardi on multiple intelligences and how they can be applied to coaching. I always do well, but I still worry I’m not as smart as my peers,” confesses a Senior Director of Technology at a leading software company. “In management meetings they zing ideas around […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Tyler Grant with Novawood. A summary of Tyler’s experience follows. “I am an experienced agile and organizational management specialist, with tenure in both the commercial and federal industries. I have spent ten years working in a variety of environments, building a deep experience in the best ways to meaningfully improve […]

Marja Fox shares an article on leadership skills, effective learning, inclusiveness and business results through a positive approach to professional development. Looking back, it seems I’ve been coaching others my entire life – as an oldest child grabbing my brother’s hand in the parking lot, a middle schooler coaxing contributions out of reticent classmates or […]


Ben Dattner co-authored this article published in the Harvard Business Review that offers insight on how to deal with an executive in the wrong role. Sometimes, executive coaching reveals that the person being coached is in the wrong role. When this becomes clear, bosses too often prematurely conclude that they have to fire the person […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Tatiana V Ridley with Ridley Global Advisors. Tatiana is an Ivy League educated strategy and operations leader with 18+ years of experience developing and implementing enterprise and business strategies for leading Financial Services and FinTech firms driving multi-million dollar revenue and profitability impact. Tatiana has successfully built, scaled and led […]

Marja Fox shares a blog post on the strengths-based approach to enhancing performance and fostering diversity. In a previous post, I laid out the case for a strengths-based approach to developing others: how it enhances performance and fosters diversity, what it is (and is not), what it requires of practitioners and what employee, coach and […]

Stephanie Soler provides key questions that guide the development of an effective coaching plan. One of the essential tasks of a leader is to coach those who work for you. When it comes to creating coaching plans, most leaders are incomplete. They focus on simply identifying 2-3 development areas and checking in on them. The […]