coaching tips

coaching tips

Pam Fox Rollin shares an article she co-wrote with Dario Nardi on multiple intelligences and how they can be applied to coaching. I always do well, but I still worry I’m not as smart as my peers,” confesses a Senior Director of Technology at a leading software company. “In management meetings they zing ideas around […]

If you’re still in hibernation mode and feeling a little lazy, leave guilt behind and embrace the virtue of laziness. Marja Fox explains why laziness can be a superpower.  I will never forget the look on her face. It was senior year of high school and my desk neighbor in Accelerated Physics class, Jami, stared […]

Stephanie Soler offers a range of key questions to ask that will improve your coaching techniques and outcomes. Whether you’re a manager leading a team, a parent raising a child, or a really good friend, someone is looking to you to help guide them on a path. You’re a coach. Most people think of coaching […]

In this article, Joana Domingues shares professional insights on coaching gathered from years of executive coaching in dozens of organizations. An insightful experience with an executive coaching client: 4 special ingredients As a team, we have thousands of hours of individual executive coaching over decades and in dozens of organisations. One of the experiences we […]

Stephanie Soler shares professional coaching tips on how to manage a one-on-one session that yields results. Having regular 1:1 meetings with direct reports has become standard practice for managers. In reality, the quality of these meetings vary. At their worst, 1:1s are bland status updates and a waste of time. At their best, 1:1s are […]