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climate impact


Ushma Pandya shares an article that explains why and how our current climate crises will increase the prevalence of disease. Climate change is physical. We know that it physically affects the planet–increasing the sea levels, severity of storms, frequency of extreme weather events, and so on. Less talked about is the ways in which climate […]

As the global population continues to grow, so does the need for increased housing, and, unfortunately, depletion of resources and damage to the environment. Morten Stilling shares a white paper on the problem of CO2 emissions from the construction industry and what could be done about it. I am concerned. Temperatures are rising, and we […]

Indranil Ghosh shares a podcast from the Impact Unicorn series where he interviews Robert Hokin from Greenbackers Investment Capital on how to build a sustainable climate impact investment platform. This week, I speak to Robert Hokin from Greenbackers Investment Capital about how to build a sustainable climate impact investment platform. Robert also outlines how Greenbackers is […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Pontus Kristiansson with Altaverita. Pontus spent his early career with McKinsey & Co and Procter & Gamble. Then went on to spend 20+ years as serial entrepreneur and tech CEO before going back to management strategy consulting through his independent practice Altaverita, while also chairing his family office Believes […]

  Zaheera Soomar shares a comprehensive and well-researched paper that highlights a framework organisations with remote and virtual teams can use as a guideline to build and maintain trust. Trust is an important concept in assessing and measuring business behaviour from an organisational performance and culture lens, and has become a source of competitive advantage […]

  As many of us continue to hold a business together through online meetings, Susan Drumm provides expert advice on how to maximize the effectiveness of the virtual workplace, including tips on planning and running online meetings. Effective virtual meetings? Ha! If they exist, I’ve certainly never attended one.” If this was your thought process […]