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Elias Mazzawi shares a company post that outlines three strategies to achieve cross-OpCo revenue synergy. There are 3 core approaches to cross-OpCo revenue synergy: cross-sell, client management synergy and proposition synergy. Most organisations pick a hybrid.  Strategy is typically straightforward to define; implementation requires activity across organisational boundaries, and can present cultural and operational challenges. […]

Sherif El-Henaoui shares an article that is designed to help you redefine how you identify and deal with difficult people.  Often I hear the term difficult about a person that colleagues don’t like or don’t like working with. I kept thinking about that for a while with the conclusion that there is no such thing […]

  In this week’s post from David A. Fields, he offers stellar advice and two simple, yet powerful tips to help consultants make a positive impression within the first five minutes of a meeting.  The initial few minutes of every client meeting present your consulting firm with a unique opportunity. Will you let it slip […]


  David A. Fields offers timely advice on how to reconnect with decision makers after a long period of no contact.  Every decision maker who’s regularly in conversation with your consulting firm is a high-potential source of projects and revenue. But if you’ve been out of touch with a prospect, restarting the relationship can feel […]

  Duygu Cibik shares an article that identifies the key factors that can help you find an efficient and effective customer success manager. What is the right customer success manager (CSM) profile? This is another question that CEOs and other executives raise often. Clearly, desired CSM profile depends on your expectations from CSMs tied to […]

  David A. Fields provides expert advice on how to manage customers during a crisis.  What do you do when your well-intended outreach call crashes into a brick wall of negativity? Like many consulting firm leaders, you may have been burning up the phone lines the past week or two, reaching out to your clients […]

  David A. Fields offers an encouraging post on how to manage your ego when clients don’t respond to your overtures. With a sigh and subtle shake of your head, you send one more outreach email to Pippi Burntkernels, the co-founder and COO of Plumper Popcorn, Inc. A few months ago, you and Pip had […]

  Pitching all the reasons why your company, service, or product is better is often received with a lack of response. David A. Fields explains where the miscommunication lies and provides a solution to the problem.    You know a rain barrel full of reasons why your consulting firm is better than other firms that […]

David A. Fields’ first blog of the year provides a pathway forward for consulting firms in 2020. It’s the first week of the year and one thing you’re probably wondering is what you and your consulting firm should do first. Right now. Your consulting prospects are asking the same question. What should they do now? […]

David A. Fields offers actionable advice on how to respond to a client when consulting work veers off the rails.   When you, your consulting team and your client all stay on task and positive, consulting is a fun, challenging and rewarding profession. When consulting work veers off the rails, though, how should you respond? […]