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Meagan Dietz shares a post and a call to action for all business leaders who’d like to transition to clean energy. Is anyone in my network a part of a community and/or non-profit looking for funds to transition to clean energy? If so, please DM me!” The Solve It Prize Overview The Solutions for Lasting, […]

Nathan Pamart shares the latest Climate Tech podcast in his series that interviews people from the companies leading the global race to decarbonisation. In this episode, you are going to learn about a company building a marketplace to help building owners get to net zero by helping them measure their energy footprint, and fund certified […]

The Facts on Carbon Capture vs Batteries  Robin Duquette shares a comprehensive article that explains why carbon capture is a cost-effective way to reach clean-power targets. Solar and wind have become the de-facto technologies for attaining 100 percent clean-power targets. But their intermittency is such that we have to store energy for many hours if […]

In this article, Edward Kee explains why it’s time to rethink renewable subsidies.  Government energy subsidies are standing in the way of a clean US electricity system — and US nuclear. Nuclear power in the United States is struggling, with well-maintained plants closing early and few new projects in the works.  At the heart of […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Alexei Beltyukov with US Energy Ventures. Alexei spent five years working on strategy projects at McKinsey and has been an entrepreneur since 2007. His industry experience is mostly in traditional (oil&gas) and clean energy and transportation. Turnarounds and technology-based solutions for legacy industries are his passion.