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career path

Lisa Carlin shares an article on how to ensure continued relevance in the future of work. “The biggest shame trigger at work is the fear of irrelevance.” Brené Brown [1] Brené says when we’re afraid, we tend to self-protect. This is an instinctive reaction when faced with an unpredictable future. We can respond by building […]


Tom Andrews shares a post on a news article that may resonate with professionals thinking of moving from a corporate position to  private equity. Nice personal story and reflections here (for those with Times access) from Fiona Hope on the shift from corporate life to private equity ‘jockey’. (CEO/Entrepreneur = ‘jockey’; the company = ‘horse’; […]


Paul Millerd shares an article of encouragement and advice for all professionals and creatives who want to take a step into freelance life. 27 months ago, I wrote to you from a small apartment in Barcelona. I remember sitting down to write and looking out to a small but densely packed street alive with energy. […]