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career growth

Ralph Bou Nassif announces a new position. “Those who tell stories rule the world” I’m happy to share that I’m joining the board of directors of Pas à Pas, l’Enfant, a French non-profit helping children learn and grow through the power of storytelling. I’m looking forward to collaborating with their exceptional team and contributing to […]

Kurt Kendall shares a glimpse of his career journey in this post.  It’s been more than 25 years since I graduated from MIT with my doctorate and decided to pursue a career in business rather than continue with chemistry. However, I still recall with utter clarity sitting in a graduate class in quantum mechanics that […]

In this article, Ramesh Subramanian explains why infrastructure engineers should start thinking like software developers. Several years ago I started my career as a C++ programmer but to be relevant as a software engineer today would require many more software engineering skills. The same logic holds for Infrastructure engineers. About 94% of enterprises (and 50% […]

In this article, Geoff Wilson shares how the secret to success lies under your feet. If you have spent more than a few minutes with me, then you likely have heard me chatter on about my passion for the game of golf dating back to when I started playing seriously twenty years ago. In my […]

Jeffery Perry shares an article on the mutual benefits of mentor-mentee relationships. Throughout the career development journey for most professionals, the value of having a mentor as a guiding light, advisor, and counselor has been regularly noted. Most mentors also highlight the personal satisfaction they receive from playing this role in the lives of others. […]

Natalie Ceeney shares a job posting for an independent assessor who will report to the Cash Action Group. Although cash use is declining in the UK, there remain 5m – 10m people who depend on cash. In order to ensure that these people – and small businesses – can get access to and deposit the […]


Rahul Bhargava shares an article and advice on how to stay motivated by following the strategies of high output achievers.  Few years back, I was part of a ‘merger/acquisition management’ project. These projects are unusually stressful. As a professional, you are not sure of your next role for weeks or months. It’s like the phase […]

In this article, Susan Drumm provides concrete steps on how to find, request, and secure a sponsor to help guide your career growth. I recently led a powerful workshop for some of the top women CEOs in biotech who are building up the next generation of leaders. There’s one unmistakable method to advocate for women’s […]

Susan Meier shares a post that identifies the courage it takes to face your fears especially if that means going against the flow.  ‘Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.’ – Nelson Mandela Each year, the French celebrate the anniversary of the storming of the Bastille, a major event in […]

In this article, Brittany Blackamore shares a few professional tips on how to land your dream job and move your career forward. It’s recruiting season. This is the busiest time of year for me, when hundreds of students reach out and want to know how to get in. How can they break into a top […]