career goals

career goals

Zaheera Soomar shares a post that explains why you should take a proactive approach to examining the culture before you buy into the organization. I came across a few Linked in posts about candidate experiences and organizations requests in recruitment. I read through the comments to see how others felt and it didn’t leave me […]

As we head into a new year and the new normal is old news, we may be thinking about who we are and how we are going to move forward. Mirko Jens Luebke’s article on reputation management provides a few signposts.  Companies invest a significant amount of time and resources in creating and marketing brands […]


Paul Millerd shares an article that identifies the roads freelancers would be advised to avoid. Starting your own business is a secret dream of many and with the emergence of more clear paths to make money online, many knowledge workers are deciding to test the waters of self-employment and entrepreneurship.  In making such a leap […]

  If you’re running low on motivation, Rahul Bhargava provides a post that explains how high achievers stay motivated, and it may just help you get back into work mode. Few years back, I was part of a ‘merger/acquisition management’ project. These projects are unusually stressful. As a professional, you are not sure of your […]

  Jared Simmons shares three quick tips that can improve relationships and move your career forward. When you’re trying to build strong working relationships, sharing what you are hoping to achieve and get out of the work can be extremely helpful. What you get out of work is different from the project or meeting objectives. […]

Thinking about kicking off the New Year with the goal of transitioning from senior to executive leadership? Stephen Redwood provides advice on how to achieve the goal.    When coaching clients I am often asked the question: what do I need to know to make the transition from being an already experienced leader to being […]