career development

career development

Lynn Compton Seay shares a post on running a professional development retreat and offers a PDF of materials created.  I miss attending McKinsey’s annual professional development retreats, so I organized my own.  While I’ve lost access to McKinsey’s Cadillac programming, I still maintain a roster of inspirational professional friends and colleagues. I rounded up a […]

While transitioning into a new position can be stressful, Loddie Foose shares facts and data on career transitions that may help the jump be an exuberant one.  I left in shame, quietly.” My heart ached as I listened to the thoughtful woman in front of me describing what it was like to quit her job […]

If you are struggling to find the pros of working in a high performance position, consider this article from Paul Millerd. Intense hard work within a great culture can be one of the greatest things in the world. It’s also damn hard to find. I’ve experienced three stretches of working in such environments, one of […]

Susan Hamilton Meier shares an evergreen article that identifies the benefits of making mistakes. We love a perfect score, a best in class, a success story. But reality is messy. That entrepreneur with the “overnight success” has been at it for 20 years. That best-selling author was first a failed musician. That “perfect marriage” has […]

Susan Drumm tackles the problem of CEO imposter syndrome and provides valuable tips to help overcome the problem.  Is there such a thing as CEO Impostor Syndrome?  When most of us hear Impostor Syndrome we picture 20-somethings who are new to their fields and feeling out of their depth. We might imagine fresh-faced new hires, […]

Brittany Blackamore shares an always relevant post on how to ace an interview.  Ready or not, recruiting season is here. For many candidates, this means they face the dreaded case interview. I remember the first time I attempted a case interview. I was in a case workshop at UCLA Anderson, and we were told to […]

Amanda Setili shares how she started her podcast Fearless Growth with a little help from her friends and what she learned in the process.  When my podcast guest Ginger (Virginia) Bowman was a waitress right out of college, she went to see Jurassic Park and instantly had the desire to create animated imagery like the […]