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Business Trends

Business Trends

In this concise post, Chakshu Diwan shares a forecast on trends in 2024. Are you ready for the future? 🚀 Keep an eye on these exciting trends that are set to shape in 2024: 👉 BNPL Boom: Offering flexibility and convenience to consumers 👉 AI Strategy: A must-have for companies for efficiency and innovation 👉 […]


Catch up on the AI trends for 2023 with this company post from David Burnie that explores five trends that are redefining intelligent automation. It is an exciting time to be in the world of intelligent automation. Advances in artificial intelligence and cloud-native capabilities are yielding a growing number of automation options for organizations to […]

Claire de Weerdt shares four trends in real estate to watch in a post-COVID market. Brick and mortar has made a comeback. In the year ending Q1 2022, ~94 million sqft of retail space in the US was filled (net adsorption) – the highest level since 2017 – indicating a strong comeback as consumers flock back […]

  After the disruption of 2020, your business strategies may need to change to accommodate the cultural shifts.  Kaihan Krippendorff shares business trends that should be taken into account.  This year, as we recover from a massive shock to all forms of structure and life as we once knew it, we have a chance to […]


  In this podcast, Susan Hamilton and Ethan Beute discuss brand psychology and how your breakfast cereal makes you feel about yourself.  Much like having a relationship with another human, a lot of it is about how that other party makes you feel about yourself. Or how you are able to see yourself via that […]

  Susan Meier was recently interviewed on the Expert Insight Interview where she shared her expertise in brand strategy building. The world is rapidly changing, and many things are being disrupted or reinvented. While various activities are paused at the moment, it’s the perfect time to reflect on your business and brand. It is the […]

  Susan Meier was recently interviewed on The Growth Zone where she shared her expertise on good branding strategies and how to upscale brand visibility. Brands of all kinds are seeing a huge need to rethink and reinvent in the new context we’re faced with. The game has changed, but the basic rules remain the […]