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business transformation

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Vipul Patel with Perite PharmaSys. A summary of Vipul’s experience follows. “An accomplished senior executive with about 3 decades of experience across various industries with a focus on increasing sustainable profitability through business turnaround strategies. A proven track record of strong operations management executed through the development of strategies that […]

In this interview, Nils Boeffel provides insights into the application of agile methods to cope with a high degree of complexity in companies and the market environment and to develop a sustainable transformation process. Tell us a few key facts about yourself and your professional focus? I’m Nils Boeffel, and I’ve been helping companies successfully […]

Diana Dosik shares an article and link to a report designed to help leaders manage always-on business transformation. For leaders in large corporations, business today often feels like being on a steep treadmill with the speed control set to max. Three months ago, the company may have finished a cost-reduction transformation to remove management layers […]

This short post from Nora Ghaoui reveals how a digital strategy that starts at the bottom is the best way to achieve top-down transformation.  I want to share the story of the Philips digital strategy to illustrate a point that I have observed: A top-down transformation only gains momentum after bottom-up initiatives have reached their […]

In this article, David Gross shares eight key steps to setting up an effective transformation office. Setting up the Transformation Office is an important step towards ensuring successful and sustainable change management. The Transformation Office is a dedicated team within an organization that is responsible for leading and executing change initiatives. The primary goal of […]

Tiago Garjaka shares an article designed to ensure the success of transformation projects. One of the most common questions I get is, “how do you set yourself up for a successful transformation?” The main problem with this question is that it assumes that there is a cookie-cutter approach to driving transformation initiatives. The same type […]

In this article, Natalie Ceeney identifies a few reasons why transformation efforts fail.  …or why large organisations find transformation so hard Anyone in business knows that ‘change’ is a fact of life. ‘Change management’ is taught on every leadership course, and we all know the essentials of good ‘change management’ (clear vision, over communicate, create […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Maxim Kulchenko. Max began his career in consulting, specializing in digital transformations, technology, and operational efficiency for a decade. He then transitioned to a leadership role as a technology executive at a multinational telecommunications company with a market value of USD 9 billion, where he focused on driving business transformation […]

Diana Dosik shares an article that explains why transformation is now an ongoing concern; she also provides a link to a report that identifies the main reasons the current approach to transformation falls short, and how to achieve better results. For leaders in large corporations, business today often feels like being on a steep treadmill […]

Tiago Garjaka shares an article that offers a few tips on how to effectively leverage consultants. As a McKinsey alumnus, I am quite familiar with the consulting business model. I’ve been involved in great projects and others that, let’s just say, were not so great. After joining the corporate world, I’ve had the opportunity to […]