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Business Success

Brittany Blackamore shares a post on a recent award for her brand.  I am thrilled to share that Pretty-Britty is a FINALIST for the NEXT BeautyMatter 2023 award for the Best Breakthrough Product! This is a huge milestone for our brand, and we are honored to be included with this year’s finalists. The winners will […]

Using COVID as a case study on the unexpected risks business leaders face, Davide Gronchi shares practical steps on risk mitigation. Whilst in the middle of an heavy and unexpected crisis, company leaders are requested to keep looking far ahead and shape the future of their company by (re-)designing the strategy and how to implement […]

Kedar Gharpure shares themes a business leader could explore as a first step to uncover organic growth potential. Picture this – your organisation has just delivered a double digit EBITDA growth, and there are high fives all around. But as a business head you reflect on some of your customer interactions and your commercial reviews, […]

If customer communications are a weak spot in your company, this article from Jeremy Greenberg may help improve communication and, consequently, relationships.  As business owners and leaders, we know that our customers are the lifeblood of our companies. Without them, we wouldn’t exist. When customers leave us for our competitors, express dissatisfaction, or want to […]


In this article, David Gross shares five hallmarks of success for mergers and acquisitions.  Trillions of dollars pour into mergers and acquisitions (M&A) annually as companies seek to increase market share, reduce costs, differentiate, diversify, refocus, and capture other sources of value. Unfortunately, M&A success is the exception, not the rule. A whopping 70 to […]


Joydip Gupta shares an evergreen article that explains what differentiates successful startups from mediocre ones. Most of you know the usual must-have’s in a startup business plan. Market must be big, product should solve a real pain point, scalable idea, strong leadership team, solid execution, and so on. No, these are not the capabilities I […]

Hugo Breton shares an episode from his YouTube channel where he interviews Shelley Morgan-Bair on how to revolutionize workflow.  Welcome to another exciting episode of Business Spotlight featuring Shelley Morgan-Bair, CEO of Rx Billing Genie and a pharmacy workflow innovator. At Rx Billing Genie, they are committed to providing pharmacy professionals with peace of mind […]

Anna Engstromer explains how to render Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sourcing less complex, by engaging and participating in the process. Complex Nature Outsourcing and Offshoring. Business Process Outsourcing. Managed Services. These terms mean to move service capability out of an organization, relying on it to work and be more effective while done by others, elsewhere. […]

In this article, Joy Fairbanks shares a few tips on measuring milestones and metrics that help monitor the progress of tough goals. How do you know that you are on track for large aggressive goals? Founders, if you are asked to set 2-3 milestones for your startup within a 6-12 month timeframe, what would they […]

Tony Zheng shares an article that explores how to leverage back office operations to improve business performance. Efficient back office operations serve as the backbone of any successful business. While often operating behind the scenes, these essential functions are critical for smooth operations, productivity, and growth. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the importance […]