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Business Strategies

Paul Vatistas shares an article that explains a strategy to help small to medium size B2B firms reposition themselves in a struggling market.  In these extraordinary times, many UK businesses are facing the stark reality that the vast majority of their clients and revenue that were there in February are not going to be there […]

In this article, Carlos Castelán shares three methods that can improve supply chain resilience. COVID-19 changed how retailers operates. In particular, it pushed consumers further online and slowed supply chains. The last point remains a huge focus, as hiccups in the supply chain pose large risks for retailers. Of course, a pandemic is not the […]

If you are running complex initiatives, your biggest challenge is usually aligning action across various teams to deliver results as planned. What can you do to make your plans more sticky? Drawing from her expertise as an Executive Coach and Strategist, Pam Fox Rollin lays out 5 tips on how to make plans real. Act […]

Elias Mazzawi shares a company article that outlines three core strategies to accelerate growth for multi-OpCo businesses.  Growth is always top-of-mind. Never more so than when interest rates rise and recession looms. Strategies get revised, budgets and forecasts move, investment is more closely scrutinised and risk takes on a new profile. The need to drive […]

Belden Menkus shares an article on strategic response speed and why it is important to measure. Strategic response speed isn’t something most organisations measure, but it is rapidly becoming one of the most important dimensions of organisational effectiveness and performance. Strategic response speed is how fast your business can respond to external change – first […]

Elias Mazzawi shares a company post that outlines three strategies to achieve cross-OpCo revenue synergy. There are 3 core approaches to cross-OpCo revenue synergy: cross-sell, client management synergy and proposition synergy. Most organisations pick a hybrid.  Strategy is typically straightforward to define; implementation requires activity across organisational boundaries, and can present cultural and operational challenges. […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Sisi Liang.  Sisi is a Multidisciplinary Strategist, a former BCG Consultant and Equity Research Analyst with experience in Financial Institutions, and the Media, Retail and Energy sectors. She has also led Marketing & Branding Strategies in SaaS Ventures and Tech Startups, seamlessly merging technical expertise and creative storytelling. Sisi has […]

Carlos Castelan shares a company post on greed and fear and how retailers can leverage both to step into a winning position.   Many of you have likely heard legendary investor Warren Buffett’s old adage about investing: “Be fearful when others are greedy and be greedy when others are fearful.” It is a saying that is […]

Kaihan Krippendorff shares an article that identifies how to use language to stimulate innovation. Last week, the Outthinker Strategy Network (OSN) hosted our first in-person roundtable of the year at Cornell Tech on Roosevelt Island in New York City. The island, located in the East River between Manhattan and Queens, once a site of abandoned […]

In this article, Luiz Zorzella shares the processes of successful strategists.  Financial services leaders often overlook the importance of your decision regarding which segments, markets, channels, and products to focus on. One of the reasons is that, while money moves freely, the effort to build channels, brands, products, trust, relationships, and physical infrastructure, can be […]