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Business Scale

John Van Leeuwen shares an article that explains how companies can achieve economies of scale. Are you failing to see anticipated increases in operating margin as you grow? Have merger synergies been slow to hit the bottom line? Frequently, corporate leaders equate size with economies of scale. Often, scale is a primary justification for an […]

Jeff Christiansen shares a heads-up post for biz-dev teams. Biotech biz-dev teams look out ➡  Your revolutionary tech sparks Big Pharma’s interest but what moves can you make in advance to better position yourself for a deal?  1️⃣ Re-think your sequencing. Identify your A-list partners and your B-list partners. Approach your A-list last: warm up […]

Frank Mattes shares three ideas, two quotes, and one question on how to sustain stakeholder perseverance. THREE IDEAS Idea 1: Treat stakeholders as internal customers Stakeholders are essential for new-business building, and they should be treated like customers. Just like external customers, stakeholders also seek solutions to their burning problems. And guess what? They are […]

Robbie Baxter shares  a summarized chapter from her forthcoming book The Forever Transaction, which explores the obstacles and strategies of building and growing a subscription business. Any business that has been around for two centuries knows something about adapting to changing marketing conditions. Bonnier AB is a private-held Swedish media company that was founded in […]

Frank Mattes shares a video and article on a recent interview from the Innovation Room podcast where he talks about the genesis, purpose and vision of his company Lean Scaleup. How did you arrive at the Lean Scaleup? Viima: Could you share with us the story behind the story of the Lean Scaleup? Frank: In […]

Mark Hess identifies how AI has created significant opportunities for mid-market companies. The rapid advancements in Artificial Intelligence (AI) have created significant opportunities for mid-market companies to improve their business strategies for growth and scale. By leveraging AI, mid-market companies can enhance their decision-making processes, increase efficiency, enhance customer experience, and become more agile. In […]