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Business performance

Business performance

In this article, Jonathan Beard offers advice for operations leaders, including six areas where they should spend more time.  When I talk with operations leaders, one of the common things I hear is “with everything going on, how do I know if I’m spending my time in the areas that are going to help us […]


Belden Menkus shares a white paper on organizational effectiveness due to the pressure of change, and offers six quickly implemented tools to help you regain commercial momentum. Executive Summary Change often leads to a drop in organisational effectiveness and a loss of commercial momentum. Concern over these negative effects can deter management from making needed […]

Tony Zheng shares an article that explores how to leverage back office operations to improve business performance. Efficient back office operations serve as the backbone of any successful business. While often operating behind the scenes, these essential functions are critical for smooth operations, productivity, and growth. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the importance […]

In this article, Jessica Lackey explains the difference between grit and grind to help you improve your performance. I talk about “growing without the grind” for individuals and businesses, and in my talks I sometimes reference magic, manifestation, and the power of recovery. How we can make leaps forward without it being a consistent, unrelenting […]


In this article, Paul Millerd explains why working at McKinsey changed how he thought about organizations, culture, values and the idea of “high performance”. Driving to work that day I was filled with excitement. It was not a feeling I had associated with work in the past.As I drove into the parking garage, I still […]

Alessandro Santo shares a report on the slowdown in labour-productivity growth in the United States and Western Europe and outline prospects for future growth. Nine years into the recovery from the Great Recession, labour-productivity-growth rates remain near historic lows across many advanced economies. Productivity growth is crucial to increase wages and living standards and helps […]


Usman A. Ghani shares a PDF download that is designed to help business leaders adapt to new market dynamics. Business leaders today are facing profound changes – customers, markets, regulations, technology, and workforce trends, just to name a few. Additionally, the rapid pace of change is challenging leaders to develop better ways of solving problems […]

Johannes Hoech explains what companies can do to be more confident in their ability to hit their numbers. In a perfect world, your company would hit its revenue projection every time. In a good-enough world, you’d hit it at least most of the time. Unfortunately, the current reality may not reflect either of those scenarios. […]