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Business Opportunities

Business Opportunities

Serge Milman shares a company post on the latest insights from CPOs on procurement priorities, challenges, and opportunities. Procurement can do more. Should do more. So say Chief Procurement Officers (CPOs). Ardent Partners Procurement Metrics that Matter in 2020 findings, sponsored by Ivalua, were presented in a recent webinar with 3 most interesting observations: Cash […]

Alistair Hodgett shares key insights on operational improvements (plus a party of emojis) in this article and summarized case study. My consulting training changed how I see how businesses operate, from the smallest coffee shop upwards (it’s not OK to try and engage the staff in a discussion of the operations project you can see, […]


Luiz Zorzella shares a short post on how to accelerate growth in your current markets.  Most businesses look for growth opportunities on their current markets, which are familiar and where they have brand equity. To stand out and to produce real growth from current markets: Stop limiting your upside to benchmarks and take the value […]

Stephen Wunker shares an article that explores the lessons learned from Fidelity’s move into Fintech. Fidelity Investments, with more than $4 trillion in assets under management, is one of the world’s largest financial services firms. But the firm isn’t content with its current status. This privately-owned company founded in 1946, is seeking new markets that […]

Luka Repansek shares a video on Opportunity Network and how this organization facilitates business growth. Opportunity Network is helping ABN AMRO Bank N.V. to support its corporate clients as they seek to achieve more sustainable business models. Discover our Trusted Partner’s vision for commercial banking and see why they recognize Opportunity Network as playing a […]


Geoff Wilson explains why microeconomists were mostly right and what a business can do about it.  We are in a world of opportunity and hurt.  Demand is high, spirits (and prices) are up, and supply is constrained.  What’s a leader to do? When I was a young man I learned microeconomics on the back of […]

David A. Fields explains why some of the most promising opportunities fail to transpire into contracts, and what you can do to ensure a more positive outcome.  Your hard work on business development and some good luck resulted in big opportunities for your seed optimization consulting firm: potential engagements with Worldwide Walnuts, Paramus Pecan Co, […]

  As we move towards the end of the pandemic and a surge in business, Geoff Wilson provides a post for leaders to help navigate the next economic journey. We are in a world of opportunity and hurt.  Demand is high, spirits (and prices) are up, and supply is constrained.  What’s a leader to do? […]


  Robbie Baxter shares valuable advice on how to build and manage a network in a comfortable and authentic way. A few years ago, my sister asked me to co lead a workshop to help a group of her fellow psychologists build their professional network. Here’s how she opened the event: “I know most of […]

  Amanda Setili was interviewed on the Quest for the Best podcast where she shared how to identify and act on opportunities in a fast-changing world for small business leaders. I would have to say (I was inspired by) my fourth grade teacher Mrs. Tidwell. She grew up on a farm and she’d tell us […]