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business management

In this article, Anastasia Ksenofontova offers anti-crisis recommendations to help your company deal with turbulent times.  At any given moment, top management and owners run two companies: the business they are in now and the business their company is becoming. During times of crisis, it is common to forget about this second company. Maintaining a […]

Aneta Key shares an evergreen article that explains how to play boss and the benefits gained from doing so. This blog post is a part of a larger Success habits collection that demystifies the “secret sauce” expectations that define a high performer at work. In this specific blog post, I illustrate the idea of taking […]

Gregory Borel shares a company post that outlines how to reduce energy costs.  The energy landscape is undergoing rapid transformation becoming more sustainable but increasingly complex. Meanwhile, commodity markets are becoming more volatile, resulting in record-high energy prices.  Never has it been more important for businesses to develop an energy strategy to mitigate and manage […]

In this article, Xavier Lederer provides key tips on how to stimulate growth when it seems your company has stopped moving forward. My company has great growth potential, but I spend my days fighting fires I can’t find time to work on my business.  And my team, they just don’t seem to be pulling in […]

Martin Pergler shares an article on risk management that was recently published in Why timing is everything when it comes to effective risk management In the second of our new #ChangingRisk ThinkTank series, Martin Pergler explains why timing is so important when applying risk insights to strategic decision-making. There is much discussion over how […]


Ben Dattner shares an article on how board members should approach assessing the CEO’s performance. As a board member, one of your most important responsibilities is to evaluate the current performance of the CEO, while simultaneously ensuring that he or she receives the right feedback, incentives and support in order to develop in the role […]

Dan Markovitz shares an always relevant warning in business management and the one easy way to squander time, money, and credibility. Just in case 2020 wasn’t challenging enough for you, here’s a brilliant example of how to waste time, money, and credibility in 2021. The HR department at a company approached me recently about teaching […]