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Tineke Keesmaat has launched a new podcast series, The People Leader Imperative: why leadership matters more than ever, what great looks like, and how to build it.  This episode focuses on defining people leadership in today’s world with a focus group of exceptional leaders. In our first episode of this season, we speak to a […]

In this article, Kirstin Lynde explains why leadership development initiatives fail and how to improve results.  Why are leadership development announcements frequently met with rolled eyes and furtive sidelong glances, rather than enthusiasm? It doesn’t have to be that way. According to McKinsey research, two-thirds of 500 executives recently surveyed cited “leadership development” as their […]

Davina Stanley shares an article and several useful links that explore the common pitfalls to avoid and positive steps to take when hiring senior leaders. When we talk about deeply understanding our audience, what do we really mean? Is defining our audience as ‘the board’ or ‘the senior leadership team’ sufficient? If your issue is […]

Tony Zheng shares a post on why military backgrounds make great founders and operators. This past weekend’s Navy vs. Army game (congrats, Army!) got me thinking about the unique qualities that make military veterans successful in the world of entrepreneurship and business. Some notable leaders: Fred Smith (founder of FedEx, former Marines), Sam Walton (founder […]

In this article, Xavier Lederer asks leaders what their number one area of personal growth is and shares what they can do to improve it.  “I don’t know what I should focus on to become a better leader!” perplexedly answered the CEO. He was boasting that he had everything under control regarding his business growth […]

Amanda Setili shares a short post on what a workshop with Alan Mulally, retired Ford CEO, taught her about business leadership. I had the enormous good fortune to not just attend an enlightening workshop delivered by retired Ford CEO, Alan Mulally, but to also spend time talking with him and gaining a deeper understanding of […]

Loddie Foose shares an article designed to help you dial up your leadership skills to approach, deal with, and overcome seemingly insurmountable problems in both business and life. Have you ever looked at a challenge head on and thought, “that’s huge… it’s going to knock me over”? In your mind, it may have held the […]

Priyanka Ghosh shares a case study on leading an executive team coaching and development program. SITUATION The Middle-Eastern unit of global energy company was facing a challenging period due to a slump in the business cycle combined with frictions in its Leadership Team. As the Middle East business had grown, the Leadership Team had expanded […]

Greg Hennessy shares an article on power and why those that have it gain more of it. How is it that those with power seem to gain even more of it over time? And why do the disadvantaged seem to lose what little power they have, becoming increasingly reliant on those in positions of influence? […]

Christoph Holle shares a blog post on leadership patterns taken from a 64-year-old article published in the Harvard Business Review. This time, a bit of the historian in me comes out. I want to appreciate an article that appeared 64 years ago in the Harvard Business Review and fell into my hands when I was […]