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Davina Stanley shares an article and several useful links that explore the common pitfalls to avoid and positive steps to take when hiring senior leaders. When we talk about deeply understanding our audience, what do we really mean? Is defining our audience as ‘the board’ or ‘the senior leadership team’ sufficient? If your issue is […]

Amanda Setili shares a short post on what a workshop with Alan Mulally, retired Ford CEO, taught her about business leadership. I had the enormous good fortune to not just attend an enlightening workshop delivered by retired Ford CEO, Alan Mulally, but to also spend time talking with him and gaining a deeper understanding of […]


Susan Drumm shares a podcast from the Enlightened Executive series on maintaining self-control and being an effective team leader. “What skills are most important in being an effective leader? Is it the ability to inspire? The ability to be innovative or master strategic decision-making? Jim Hotaling believes that while all these attributes matter greatly, they’re […]

Jeremy Greenberg shares a company post based on the Avenue Group Business Leader Research Series. This article identifies how U.S. company leaders work. Avenue Group Business Leader Research Series We are excited to continue our series devoted to sharing the findings from the Avenue Group Business Leader Survey. The Avenue Group Business Research Study We […]

Alun Thomas shares ten key thoughts on management and the business of business that are designed to help you relax into managing the work ahead. The practice of management and the business of business are far too complex to be reduced to a list of bullet points. Like any activity involving humans, there are contradictions. […]

Soyini Coke shares an evergreen article that explains why it takes courage to move forward with ethical leadership. Ethics has been on many people’s minds lately. On day 20 of a government shutdown, we’re in a tough spot today in the US. “One of the things about ethics that is really important to understand, is […]


Usman A. Ghani shares a PDF download that is designed to help business leaders adapt to new market dynamics. Business leaders today are facing profound changes – customers, markets, regulations, technology, and workforce trends, just to name a few. Additionally, the rapid pace of change is challenging leaders to develop better ways of solving problems […]


Yanay Zohar uncovers how a radical shift towards transparency can change current culture and shares the new rules of play adopted by two visionary leaders. Most of us would agree that transparency is a good thing.Yet somehow, not only did we get used to its glaring absence at work, but most people would even find […]

Ben Dattner co-wrote this article that explains why being a great second in command requires emotional intelligence. In 1959, John French and Bertram Raven, social psychologists, published their “Five Bases of Power” model, which has been highly influential in social and organizational psychology ever since. The five kinds of power they delineated included the ability […]

Indranil Ghosh has launched a new podcast where he unpacks the success stories from his network of champions in impact business. For over a decade, I have been working companies which have made a material impact on the environment, on human health, and on social equality—while also returning extraordinary financial returns to shareholders along the […]