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Ben Dattner shares an article on how board members should approach assessing the CEO’s performance. As a board member, one of your most important responsibilities is to evaluate the current performance of the CEO, while simultaneously ensuring that he or she receives the right feedback, incentives and support in order to develop in the role […]

In this article Stephen Redwood explains how to increase the strategic value of the HR department. If there is one thing that has been a constant over my years in HR and decades as a consultant, it has been the sense that the HR function is too often a supplicant to other functions and lacks […]

Barry Horwitz provides a post that is designed to make you rethink best practices. I often hear about companies that want to use a process of “best practices” in their planning work. This may seem like a logical place to start, however, in my mind, the best practice — especially when it comes to developing […]

Anna Engstromer shares an article on service design with key points to help get it right. Just because it happens all the time, all over, strategy implementation isn’t easy. It may appear so judging from corporate communication, but it is a special type of team effort that needs energy and effort. The trick is to […]

Amanda Setili shares an experience and a reminder on the importance of preparing for unseen threats in business. We were kiteboarding last weekend off Sullivan’s Island, near Charleston. The wind was blowing hard, over 20 mph, and I was having a great time. Three hours into my session, I was jumping near a sandbar, because […]

Zaheera Soomar shares a post that identifies the top factors she learned from her experience in research and while working on her Doctorate.  During my current Doctorate studies, I have been embarking on a number of different research topics and studies, and have taken some time out recently to reflect and document the learnings that […]

Koen Veltman shares a company post that uses metaphors to explain Holacracy governance. The Map is Not the Territory Normally, I like my coaching to be concrete — e.g., here’s what you need to ask for, here’s how you need to ask, etc. But this post, I’d like to share several orienting metaphors to help early practitioners […]

Caroline Taich shares a useful post with tactics that can help identify unique strengths. In this blog, we have been exploring the McKinsey model for change. Last week I wrote about conviction as a driver of change.  This week I’m thinking about the skills you need for change.  Here is a big one – the […]

Jeffery Perry shares an article on the problem of cybersecurity and why everyone must make it a priority. Cybersecurity threats are growing significantly across the business landscape. Not a day goes by without media reports of cyber attacks by bad actors intent on holding businesses hostage to disrupt operations and/or demand major ransom payouts. As […]

This article from Barry Horwitz explains why in-house resources should not be used to facilitate a business planning retreat.  After more than two years working remotely, hybrid, or cautiously in-person, some organizations are beginning to think about scheduling an offsite or “retreat.” And while many of these tend to take place in the fall, planning […]