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Business Intelligence

Davide Gronchi shares an article on how to approach risk mitigation. Whilst in the middle of a heavy and unexpected crisis, company leaders are requested to keep looking far ahead and shape the future of their company by (re-)designing the strategy and how to implement it. Current times are full of worries and threads, every […]


Andy Sheppard shares an article on the 5 Cs of operations improvement. Workers can often feel that their efforts to change are not being appreciated. This tends to be perpetuated if managers have been tasked with the default priority of reducing costs. Furthermore, mixed track records with such cost-reduction initiatives means people throughout an organisation […]


Aneta Key shares a practical and strategic outline of an IDEAL decision-making process. This article synthesizes what an effective decision-making process looks like — because just having a “process” is not enough — you need an IDEAL process. IDEAL framework While there is no one “right” decision-making process, many processes can lead to the wrong […]

Alistair Hodgett shares an article that dives into an ongoing concern: the role of culture in managing national risk.  Public Policy, the independent think tank, have published an important piece of research into the structures and processes that allow countries to identify, analyse and mitigate complex threats and potentially adverse developments. Intended to contribute to […]

Alessandro Santo shares a report on the slowdown in labour-productivity growth in the United States and Western Europe and outline prospects for future growth. Nine years into the recovery from the Great Recession, labour-productivity-growth rates remain near historic lows across many advanced economies. Productivity growth is crucial to increase wages and living standards and helps […]

Evren Ozkaya shares an article that identifies the two most important skills you need to be a consultant. Since my “official” consulting journey started back with McKinsey & Company, and now continues with my own venture at Supply Chain Wizard into the endless and exciting world of challenges and opportunities, I had the privilege to […]

Sherif El-Henaoui shares an article on decision-making, why we often make the wrong choice, and why we think it’s the right one.  Often managers mix up tough decision with right ones by thinking them taking a tough decision that this is the right thing to do. Let’s me explain what I mean with an example: […]


Matt Ahlers shares an article that may resonate with all who have a board to answer to. In this post, he explains why using big data is often the topic on the table.  Don’t they know how hard it is? Maybe, but no one said big data was clean and easy. In fact, most things […]


Nora Ghaoui shares an article on how to keep building your consulting pipeline even when it’s a tough year.  Building a consulting pipeline is tough in any year. In 2020, the uncertainty caused by the pandemic made companies cautious, so it was harder to get projects agreed and started.  I tried out different actions to […]

Wolfgang Hammes shares his view on the current inflation situation; he provides a historical perspective on inflation rates in the States, and a warning on overconfidence and complacency.  July CPI inflation rate minimally improved to 8.5 %. This marginal improvement was enough to initiate great euphoria among investors, politicians, and business leaders. Are we seeing […]