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Business Intelligence

Wolfgang Hammes shares information about a workshop that is a comprehensive inflation management training tutorial. Let me start with the most exciting news: After I have talked a lot about THE WORLD OF TOMORROW workshop and tutorial series, it is now live. THE WORLD OF TOMORROW contains what I consider the best and most comprehensive […]

In this article, Bernie Heine shares sensible reminders on how to avoid burnout as a business owner. As a business owner, you enjoy the significant benefit of governing your work independently, including setting your own schedule. However, the current trend of a constant connection to work may not be as good for you as you […]

Is the dream of Israel waking up to a new reality where the religion that once claimed the land may also be the downfall of the modern Israeli state? In this article, Steven Koltai explores the current issues facing Israel. Israel will be 75 in May. I would never have thought Israel would look like […]

Astrid Malval-Beharry shares a case study on competitive analysis that was used to support new product development and M&A decision-making. Situation Our client, a leading data and analytics vendor to healthcare organizations, sought to gain a detailed strategic and tactical understanding of eight competitors so that it could effectively develop a competitive positioning strategy. Our […]

Belden Menkus shares an article on strategic response speed and why it is important to measure. Strategic response speed isn’t something most organisations measure, but it is rapidly becoming one of the most important dimensions of organisational effectiveness and performance. Strategic response speed is how fast your business can respond to external change – first […]

Edgar Perez shares an article on quantum computing, what it is and how it works, the challenges faced and future impact on society. What is quantum computing? Quantum computing is a powerful technology that uses quantum mechanical phenomena, such as superposition and entanglement, to perform computations that are beyond the reach of today’s classical computers. […]

In this article, Gerardo Alvarez-Franyutti explores the pros and cons of following the herd when it comes to making business decisions. “When Harvard MBAs flock to an industry, it’s a sign that it’s about to collapse” – Bill Sahlman, 2000 When approaching a toll road station, have you noticed how people tend to queue in […]

In this article, Barry Horwitz highlights the value of risk and how to track trends that may foreshadow problems. In the early weeks of March, many in the tech sector were surprised and distressed by the sudden collapse of a once-great institution, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB). Founded in 1983, it was the 16th largest bank […]

In this article, Cheryl Lim Tan shares six ways to be a savvy wholesale buyer. The Boutique Hub and Tundra have communities of thousands of buyers who are always looking for more ways to confidently grow their business and make smarter buys. Some of the questions we often receive are around retail best practices for […]

In this evergreen article, Anders Corr explores the relationship between China and Canada. Canada is in an uproar. On Saturday, the New York Times called Canadian concerns about China’s election interference a “political firestorm.” The storm is from intelligence leaked to multiple Canadian reporters and authors over the past few years from Canadian security sources. […]