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Business Intelligence

In this article, Elias Mazzawi shares a conversation with Stuart Jansze of Eton Bridge Partners  that explores the shifting landscape of mergers and acquisitions and what this means for organizations. I was recently in conversation with Stuart Jansze of Eton Bridge Partners; published on the Eton Bridge website.   The shifting M&A landscape: What does […]


In this concise post, Susan Meier explores the art of building ‘better’. “Art is the generous act of making things better by doing something that might not work.” – Seth Godin “We have to do better.” How many times have you heard that said in the past few years? I’ve lost count. In arenas ranging […]

James Stranko shares thoughts on supply and demand in travel and explores the changing definition of business travel. Hello and welcome to Issue 3 of On the Road with Mr Hudson. This week we’re exploring the inverted imbalance of supply and demand in travel that will hit in the next few months, and the changing […]

John Sturdivant shares the unfortunate costs of lost revenue due to the post-lunch slump. You’ve probably joked about a post-lunch food coma, but it’s really not funny when you realize it might be costing your team $75k per year, or more if you’re a larger enterprise. We looked at a sample of ~20k data points […]

With AI as a fast-becoming integral component of business, how should it be used and what should a company policy on using generative AI include? Geoff Wilson shares a few thoughts on the matter.  I’m going to continue this article with the same starting statement I will use with all AI articles:  I’m still learning. […]

In this article, Marc Bachs Castan explores the concept, function, and future of money. This is the lesson I wish I had been taught on my first day at university. I studied Economics and, ironically, we never discussed what money is. Instead, we just assumed for everything we did for the next 4 years that […]

James Black shares priceless insights learned from his career as an independent consultant. Seven years ago, I put up my shingle and set up an LLC to work as an independent consultant, working on growth strategies, marketing strategies, and insights for clients. During this time, I’ve learned a lot about the space, and myself, and […]

In this evergreen article published in Harvard Business Review, Ben Dattner shares an article and scorecard designed to help you overcome unconscious bias and make better hiring decisions. Scorecard template included. Given that most organizations spend roughly 70% of their operating budgets on workforce expenses, it is noteworthy how rare it is for organizations to […]

Diana Dosik shares an article and link to a report designed to help leaders manage always-on business transformation. For leaders in large corporations, business today often feels like being on a steep treadmill with the speed control set to max. Three months ago, the company may have finished a cost-reduction transformation to remove management layers […]

Anna Engstromer explains how to render Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sourcing less complex, by engaging and participating in the process. Complex Nature Outsourcing and Offshoring. Business Process Outsourcing. Managed Services. These terms mean to move service capability out of an organization, relying on it to work and be more effective while done by others, elsewhere. […]