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Business Intelligence

Joy Fairbanks shares a guide for startup founders designed to help improve the pitch. 5 minutes are so over. Founders, you have thirty seconds to explain why the venture you work on day and night is worth someone’s attention.  You are innovative, your technology sizzles, and you have a talented team.  You even have traction.  […]

Shankar Ananth shares a video that explains the genesis of the rivalry between India and Pakistan. Nuclear annihilation: this product of the Cold War is naturally identified with the two great powers of the time the United States and the Soviet Union. Overshadowing this rivalry, however, was another conflict that would later also develop into […]

Akshi Federici shares a LinkedIn post on her 7+ years (50+ dog years) into the Blockchain/Web3 industry. 7+ years (50+ dog years) into the Blockchain/Web3 industry where I started by stepping into the Bogart office of Consensys as Executive Director working on several projects and launching ConsenSys Academy, on to developing Product at Status, to […]

Two years have passed since Indranil Ghosh wrote this article on the public’s lack of trust in the global system. Unfortunately, the erosion of trust has continued but Indranil offers four reasons so many people are disillusioned. As the world’s political and business elites ruminate on world affairs at the Swiss ski resort of Davos, […]

In this article, Christoph Holle identifies a commonly missed factor when dealing with a crisis. Over the last few days and weeks I have read many high-quality articles on leadership in times of crisis and my first reaction was ‘everything that should be said has been said’: reflections, practical help, innovative ideas. But on second […]


Andrew Hone shares a company post that identifies essential tips for cutting business costs. Although cost reduction programs can deliver a powerful mix of financial, strategic, and organisational benefits, the failure rates of these types of programs are very high. A recent survey of C-Suite executives, for example, found that while 90% of businesses had […]


In this article, Jay Jung identifies the five biggest mistakes founders make when they sell their business and explains how to avoid them. Our firm is well known for advising founders/business owners when it’s time to sell their companies. Fewer people know that we also advise buyers–like private equity firms–when they are acquiring these businesses. […]

In this article, Steve Koltai reflects on the U.S. Government’s role in the country’s innovation ecosystem. The stories of how the largest buyer of goods and services in America – the US Government – does (or more often, doesn’t) have access to America’s freshest new ideas are enough to fill many thumb drives. I call […]

In this article, Anastasia Ksenofontova offers anti-crisis recommendations to help your company deal with turbulent times.  At any given moment, top management and owners run two companies: the business they are in now and the business their company is becoming. During times of crisis, it is common to forget about this second company. Maintaining a […]

Frank Mattes shares three ideas, two quotes, and one question on how to sustain stakeholder perseverance. THREE IDEAS Idea 1: Treat stakeholders as internal customers Stakeholders are essential for new-business building, and they should be treated like customers. Just like external customers, stakeholders also seek solutions to their burning problems. And guess what? They are […]