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  In this post, Bernie Heine identifies what the business community has learned from the Coronavirus pandemic.  We are all learning to live by the new rules in all aspects of our existence; we also realize what we can do. For the past ten months, businesses all around the world have faced various challenges. Some […]

  Priyanka Ghosh shares a case study on the strategic alignment of leadership teams. SITUATION In the course of driving a growth program for a family-owned European industrial manufacturer, it quickly became clear that the dysfunctional leadership team was a bottleneck to progress. Although the team was composed of capable individuals with impressive track records, […]


  Eric Hiller shares an article on the top mistakes made in product cost management and design to value.  Product cost management (PCM) and design-to-value (DtV) are two areas in companies capable of delivering the greatest of impact, but are sadly prone to the biggest blunders by leadership. Eric A. Hiller, the managing partner of […]

  Jeremy Greenberg shares an article from his company’s website that examines the findings from a study on the challenges of the COVID-19 vaccine adoption. STUDY HIGHLIGHTS: Half of participants say they are likely to take the COVID-19 vaccine as soon as it is available Safety and minimizing side effects are the most important factors […]


  Using the company Hoowaki as an example, David Summa shares an article that illustrates how business model innovations can drive new revenue streams. In my last post, I wrote about business model innovations and how it can drive new revenue streams, especially in times of changing economic and cultural landscapes or declining performance. To […]

  Caroline Taich shares a concise post and one key tip on how to improve your client services.  Are you getting ready to start a planning process? I help my clients bring new ideas to life. To do this work well, I believe that it helps to know what it’s like to walk in client […]


  Tobias Baer shares an article on the latest Google news and the regulation of Big Tech. He explores the impact of Google’s algorithms on e-commerce and the commercialization of the internet.  In spite of its limited scope, the DOJ’s antitrust complaint against Google already highlights three fundamental issues of e-commerce and the commercialization of […]

  Daune Capuano shares a whitepaper on how to turn your technology and strategic goals into action.  Does your association struggle with data trapped in an outdated association management platform that does not interact with your current systems and restricts your organization’s ability to implement new software for  new products and services ? Are you […]

  In this article for Industry Week, Dan Markovitz explains how the current pandemic provides an opportunity to move forward with value stream mapping.  At some point, the COVID pandemic will pass, whether that’s due to a vaccine, a two-minute test, or herd immunity. But if you want to thrive in the post-COVID world, you’ve […]

  Anna Engstromer shares an article on the management of external services, specifically, BPO transactions. Consequences of poorly managed services are like chronic diseases: spreading its consequences little-at-a-time over vast areas – like customer service, availability, performance and speed of delivery – slowly building awareness for the problem but not considered as such until something […]