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Neel Bhargava shares a downloadable PDF on how secular industry trends help drive growth of the market for ABA therapy services, which help treat autism in children and young adults.  Executive Summary ABA Therapy market is a highly attractive area to invest considering its favorable growth outlook, supply/demand imbalances, and industry structure. Tailwinds in the […]

Luiz Zorzella shares an article designed to help improve strategy by understanding your net Interest margin (NIM).  If you are a bank executive and want to manage the bank’s business strategically, you must understand the key drivers of your bank’s profitability and the trade-offs they imply. For example, to some extent, banks can trade the […]

Peet van Biljon shares an article on managing risk and uncertainty for the entrepreneur.  Uncertainty in all its forms is a constant companion of the entrepreneur. How well entrepreneurs manage multiple risks and uncertainties determines the success or failure of their new offerings and businesses, and whether their investors will make or lose money. Good […]


Andrew Seay provides an article that identifies five ways your inventory costs are hurting your bottom line.  For its status as the arch-enemy of “lean manufacturing,” excess inventory can actually feel pretty good in a company:  It prevents lost sales due to stock-outs.  It provides peace of mind when a critical piece of equipment breaks.  […]

Alessandro Santo shares a post based on an Interview with Fredrik Cassel on Creandum on the connection with Spotify. We first met Spotify in spring of 2007, and later Creandum Fund II led the firm’s first venture round of funding. Ten years later we’re hearing Creandum partner Fredrik Cassel brag too much about being user […]


Anders Corr shares an article he wrote for the Epoch Times on a closer AUKUS alliance. Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States (AUKUS) just took a huge step in the right direction toward deterring China’s aggression. On Sept. 16, President Biden announced that the United States and Britain would assist Australia in acquiring […]


Jeffery Perry shares a post that explores Gen Z  and their move towards financial acumen. Gen Z is no longer just children. The oldest members of Gen Z turn 25 in 2021 and are demonstrating their own attitudes about money and their financial futures. As the first generation to be completely immersed in digital technologies, […]


Barry Horwitz shares an article that extolls the benefits of reading and reading some more.  Students in my strategy classes at Boston University often ask: What applicant characteristics matter most when applying for positions with strategy consulting firms? Of course, there are some obvious ones — sharp analytical skills and strong communication capabilities among them. […]

Surbhee Grover shares an interview, recently published in Thrive Global, that focuses on several aspects of her entrepreneurial journey, including a perspective on the beauty business, and insight into launching a start-up in this industry. Thank you so much for doing this with us! Before we dive in, our readers would love to learn a […]

In this post, Peter Costa offers one man’s perspective on gender and leadership. There are mountains of research on the importance of diversity in building high-performing organizations. There is at least as much insight on the nature of leadership, including that there is no one “right” leadership style. The most effective leaders are true to […]