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Business Intelligence

Koen Veltman shares an article from his company’s website that explains how domains work in Holacracy. Domains: The Basics Domains are one of the three elements of a role/circle (the others are purpose and accountabilities). We use them to centralize control because, by default, Holacracy gives everyone authority to take any action or make any […]


Mark Hess shares an article he co-authored with Stenning Schueppert on how to increase a firm’s exit valuation multiple.  Successful private equity (“PE”) firms generally execute well in the three commonly accepted phases of portfolio company value creation: 1) Buy right, 2) Grow EBITDA, and 3) Sell that EBITDA at highest multiple possible. In our […]

What if a futurist could answer questions posed by CSOs? The following article shared by Kaihan Krippendorff reveals the answers to ten questions asked of renowned futurist Faith Popcorn. Earlier this month, The Outthinker Strategy Network hosted futurist Faith Popcorn as a roundtable guest. Faith joined our community of chief strategy officers and executives to […]

Barry Horwitz examines the broad scope of the stakeholder moniker and offers direction on  how to identify and think about them. You’ve probably heard the term “stakeholder analysis.” It’s a tool that is traditionally used for project management, often with an internally focused perspective. But the concept is also relevant for strategic planning work, factoring […]

Nora Ghaoui explains why there are benefits to being on the outside looking in.  When you’re trying to tackle a business challenge, what you can solve and how you can solve it depends on the position that you are in, not on the skills that you have. As I have switched roles between management and […]

Rahul Bhargava shares key tips on how to improve your notetaking and increase the efficacy of your notes. Want to make notes that do not get lost with million others. Start to make smart notes. What is that? Learn all about note-taking for professionals. Opt for a strategy that works and builds a strong knowledge […]

Kedar Gharpure shares an article that identifies key factors involved in B2B value-based pricing. You have likely read articles about Value-Based Pricing (VBP) – after all, the concept has been around for several decades. However, our review of over 50 VBP articles from the top search results highlight that a) there is very little VBP […]

Jessica Lackey explains how to use the fear of missing out as part of a strategy for your business. The call to take on everything at once, to maximize our time, to avoid the opportunity cost of time, is deeply ingrained in our society. Our bucket lists are long. Our intentions are big. And we […]


Barry Horwitz explains how applying war games to business is a useful exercise and effective planning tool.  “You’ve probably heard the term: ‘War games.’ Long used in a military context to plan for future conflicts, when applied in a business setting, the phrase refers to a group exercise in which participants try to anticipate the […]

Robyn Bolton shares a post on where innovation happens and why. “Innovation happens in the gaps.” It’s a statement so simple yet so profound that as soon as my client said it, I wrote it down.*  It’s not sexy to innovate in the gaps.  Most people and companies believe that innovation must be something entirely […]