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Business Intelligence

Tirrell Payton shares an evergreen article on how to avoid common problems in project management.  Our project is to implement a new widget management system”, she stated confidently. “Ok”, I said, “but what is the problem we are trying to solve?” “We need a new system…”, she reiterated. “Yea, but to what end? Whats the […]

Koen Veltman shares a company blog post that outlines a simple process to ensure virtual meetings are more effective. Meetings can be very chaotic, especially when you don’t see each other, how do you efficiently get to a decision? Use a process! Not only decide on the what you will discuss, but also on the […]

Jessica Lackey shares an article designed to help you find and leverage your talents and strengths. “I never truly considered what I was good at and how those experiences fit together. I just did the next job that I was asked to do.” There are personality tests and strengths assessments galore. And they can be […]

Martin Pergler taps into Wordle to illustrate how to apply risk management thinking. Friday’s Wordle (WATCH) provided a great example of applying risk management thinking, alongside strategy and adaptive decision-making. Helping institutions navigate the interplay of these topics is my bread and butter, so I enjoyed seeing it play out so clearly in a game. […]

In this concise post, Ximena Jimenez explains the value of having a thought partner. In Spanish there is no expression that captures the power of this concept, which is why we decided to keep its version in English. This term refers to that person who accompanies the leader of an organization in their reflection process, […]

Andrew Seay shares an article on the MECE framework and how it makes large inventory problems manageable.  How do you eat an elephant?  The answer, of course, is “one bite at a time.”  The same principle applies to all big problems, including those in the supply chain.  A $50M inventory problem is far too large […]

Susan Drumm shares the latest episode from her podcast series, The Enlightened Executive. In this episode, she interviews CEO Ben Lytle on the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  The Fourth Industrial Revolution is coming, bringing technological advancements we can’t imagine. How can you prepare yourself to stay ahead in this ever-changing digital world? Ben Lytle is a […]

Geoff Wilson compares the pros and cons of framing success as a goal or as a system.  Much is said about whether success is better framed as a goal or as a system…I think it’s both, but at different times. Have you ever had a question posed to you that made you think more than […]

In this Change Out Loud podcast, Aneta Key talks about engaging stakeholders.  Thank you to the Change Out Loud team for inviting me as a guest on their awesome podcast! Host Kara Sundar and I covered several topics in this 30-minute episode.  Find it on your favorite podcast platform and play along as you listen!” […]

Bob Armstrong shares a post on Goodhart’s Law and why statistics are not always a solid foundation to count on. Goodhart’s Law is named for Charles Goodhart, a British economist who in 1975 popularized the idea that Any observed statistical regularity will tend to collapse once pressure is placed upon it for control purposes. I […]