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Business Intelligence

In this article, Jon Watts and Bryan Knoepp explain how CFOs can recognize the true value of digital investments. Investing in digital capabilities is essential for most businesses to find new paths for long-term growth and to compete with digital-native companies. However, the pace of technology change is faster than ever, the cost of capital […]

Jeremy Silver shares a post on improving organizational efficiency for customer success. How do you drive a more efficient customer success organization? One way that’s not discussed as often as it should be – make your product better! I don’t just mean adding features customers want/need, I mean reducing all friction on the path towards […]

Stephen Wunker shares a five-step process his company uses to focus on growth during times of uncertainty. How do you plan when uncertainty only seems to grow? Through embracing disciplined experimentation. Here’s new writing from our Partner Charlotte Desprat on the five-step process we use to make a company great at it: First, establish what […]

Sin Yin Long shares a post and link to an informative article on strategy and boards. A great piece on strategy and boards, and a good trigger to pause and reflect. – Strategy on a page is essential. And this seemingly simple one-pager must be the epitome of complex analysis and rigour of thought – […]

John Van Leeuwen shares an article that explains how companies can achieve economies of scale. Are you failing to see anticipated increases in operating margin as you grow? Have merger synergies been slow to hit the bottom line? Frequently, corporate leaders equate size with economies of scale. Often, scale is a primary justification for an […]

In this article, Ali Hanafi explores the challenges and risks of an AI pervasive world and how to prepare college students for the future of work. It’s fair to say that all of us, including the experts, have been caught off-guard by the exponential advances in Generative AI capabilities. Systems like ChatGPT can already generate […]

Paul Vatistas shares an article that explains a strategy to help small to medium size B2B firms reposition themselves in a struggling market.  In these extraordinary times, many UK businesses are facing the stark reality that the vast majority of their clients and revenue that were there in February are not going to be there […]

Nidhi Chadda shares a post that highlights an interview with Forbes Finance Council on mitigating M&A financial risks. Thank you Forbes Finance Council for including me in your last post on “20 Ways to Mitigate M&A Financial Risks.” Consideration of ESG / sustainability factors still remains of paramount importance for any M&A / deal consideration […]

Patrick Böert shares a short post on attending the WEF at Davos this year. Spending time at #WEF Davos can leave you feeling the vanity, at times.  Time is precious. After all, not everyone is here for serendipity, inspiration, and all the good stuff: a spark from a new insight into a topic. A new […]

In this article, Susan Dunn explores the capabilities and scope of using AI in Scenario work and what she has found out in the process of doing so.  Earlier this year, we offered a Scenario Series for a fantastic group of fellow consultants. Using my book as our guide, we moved through all the steps […]