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Business Innovation

Kaihan Krippendorff explores the connection between ecology, evolution, and innovation in this article that draws inspiration from the ecosystem of a healthy coral reef and applies it to a healthy business. Deep beneath the crystal-clear waters of the Pacific Ocean, there are vibrant coral reefs teeming with life. The coral, in shades of pink, orange, […]

In this podcast, Jared Simmons interviews Dr. Akhtar Badshah, Chief Catalyst at Catalytic Innovators Group, to discuss why he thinks innovation equates to a purpose mindset and how this requires balancing self, community, and work. Dr. Badshah believes innovation often gets conflated with invention. Though true innovators ask the big questions, “Why are you doing […]

If innovation has become a word that is met with a lack of enthusiasm, this article from Kaihan Krippendorff may inject fresh inspiration and motivation. People talk about innovation a lot… but often in the conversation around innovation, there isn’t an innovation strategy. If there’s a semblance of an innovation strategy, it’s not often clearly […]

In this article, Carlo Palmieri explores what the key drivers are in organizational re-design.  Are “Customers” and “Innovation” the driving forces behind Organisational Re-Design? Here is a short and very interesting case study on this topic. IAG, one of the largest insurance companies in Australia, has recently announced a new organizational structure. The new structure […]

In this article, Alex Miller identifies how CEOs can take a step back to the early days of starting a business to remember how to build agility and improve innovation. Four out of 10 CEOS surveyed in our 2016 CEO Outlook report anticipate that their companies will undergo significant transformation over the next three years. […]

Peet van Biljon shares a blog and some exciting news about the launch of his new book and an accompanying blog on innovation, management, and policy. Whether in mobile phones, data centers, or cars – microchips are everywhere, and ongoing shortages affect countless industries worldwide. To boost innovation in the United States, Joe Biden recently […]

Stephen Wunker shares a paper he co-wrote with Charlotte Desprat, and Jennifer Law that identifies five key principles learned during COVID to improve innovation strength. We are all innovators now. As the pandemic slowly wanes, we can look back on the last year and a half knowing that we have discovered innovation muscles that we […]

In this podcast, Robbie Baxter interviews Ira Ehrenpreis of DBL Ventures where he explains how profit and purpose are combining to create new 21st century iconic D2C companies like Tesla, The RealReal and Bellwether Coffee. There is no bigger topic when it comes to consumer sentiment than the rising demand and focus on Environmental, Social, […]


Robyn Bolton shares a well-balanced post that explains why 95% of new products fail and how to do the right things in the right ways at the right times to ensure success.  Most people know that 95% of new products fail within three years of launch.  It’s often cited as evidence of big companies’ inability […]

  Robyn Bolton reflects on lessons learned as a child that she brings into her field to help problems solve and drive innovation.  Innovation is all about embracing the AND. Creativity AND Analysis Imagination AND Practicality Envisioned Future AND Lived Reality Looking back, I realize that much of my childhood was also about embracing the […]