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business finances

Stijn Leupe shares a post on the current, painful interest rates for both individuals and corporations.  The financing pains: a lot of pain for private individuals and currently even more for corporations For a lot of private individuals, financing the purchase of a house becomes extremely difficult due to the two to three times higher […]

Wolfgang Hammes shares information about a workshop that is a comprehensive inflation management training tutorial. Let me start with the most exciting news: After I have talked a lot about THE WORLD OF TOMORROW workshop and tutorial series, it is now live. THE WORLD OF TOMORROW contains what I consider the best and most comprehensive […]

Alex Miller talks smart money and mergers and acquisition in this article designed to help buyers take the plunge when opportunity knocks. Corporate buyers face unprecedented competition from private equity funds, as well as with traditional and non-traditional competition for the most attractive acquisitions.  Horizontal integration has largely played out in most traditional sectors, and […]

Claire de Weerdt shares an article designed to help your company prepare for an economic recession.  How can you prepare for a possible recession? One method is to conservatively shore up reserves to mitigate risk for a worst case scenario, however, this may come at a high opportunity cost in the event of a soft […]

In this article, Serge Milman explains the high costs of adopting a tail spend category. Unmanaged Spend ≠ Spend Category. Tail Spend is not a spend category, and thus cannot be sourced effectively. Tail Spend – or more accurately, Un-managed Spend – is an aggregation of spend and vendors that typically represent 40%-60% of total […]

Gregory Borel shares a company post that outlines how to reduce energy costs.  The energy landscape is undergoing rapid transformation becoming more sustainable but increasingly complex. Meanwhile, commodity markets are becoming more volatile, resulting in record-high energy prices.  Never has it been more important for businesses to develop an energy strategy to mitigate and manage […]

If it seems like your company burns through money, Serge Milman may provide insight into the reason why.  If you’ve spent any time at all around Procurement professionals, then you’ve likely heard about Tail Spend Sourcing. There are numerous consultants, technology providers, outsourcing providers and even some Procurement Leaders singing its praises. That’s unfortunate. Organizations […]