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business competition

business competition

Kailash Bhat shares a post on the competitive landscape of global companies. For the last 50+ years, CEOs of global companies have succeeded by reaching and maintaining a scale that gives them competitive hashtag#advantage. Revolutions in hashtag#technology and consumer behavior are changing the dynamic, with much smaller companies winning in markets once dominated by giants. […]


Joydip Gupta shares an evergreen article that explains what differentiates successful startups from mediocre ones. Most of you know the usual must-have’s in a startup business plan. Market must be big, product should solve a real pain point, scalable idea, strong leadership team, solid execution, and so on. No, these are not the capabilities I […]

Amanda Setili shares an article on the pitfalls of comparison and a competitive mindset. Earlier this week, I was on a group Zoom with executive coach Marshall Goldsmith when he posed a particularly provocative question: why is it that incredibly affluent individuals continue to engage in insider trading? Marshall then offered a theory. The way […]

Kaihan Krippendorff shares an article on where to start when you are thinking of building ecosystems in business. The nature of competition in business is changing. What has historically consisted of company-to-company rivalry has evolved into a struggle between competing ecosystems to gain supremacy. Business ecosystems consist of two or more partner companies who agree […]