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Business communication

Business communication

Gina Abudi shares an article on the problems and solutions of how to engage the younger generation. The younger generation employees want to do social good work; they want to be involved in the community. Companies can engage the younger generation workforce by enabling for time and support to work with local community groups – […]

Joy Fairbanks shares a guide for startup founders designed to help improve the pitch. 5 minutes are so over. Founders, you have thirty seconds to explain why the venture you work on day and night is worth someone’s attention.  You are innovative, your technology sizzles, and you have a talented team.  You even have traction.  […]

While metaphors come in neatly packaged phrases, the contents can easily be misunderstood or misconstrued. Gregory Hennessy explains why it is necessary to unpack metaphors to choose more specific terminology and make better assessments.  Metaphors such as “running through walls” are a convenient way to describe a collection of desirable traits. When discussing venture characteristics […]


If your team has meeting fatigue, this article from Aneta Key offers a solution and explains a few simple ideas for better business meetings. As in so many other situations, when it comes to meetings we often default to habits — like sitting down in a conference room for hours on end for any type […]

Davina Stanley shares a short post and link to a free tutorial on how to write emails that will get the traction and action you want.  Emails are a constant challenge. They are ‘everywhere’ in our day to day work and yet often seem too small a communication to invest heavily in. To help with […]

If the art of facilitation eludes you, Guillermo Herbozo can help you improve your skills with this article that identifies how a great facilitator operates.  In the context of a huddle, there are several things great facilitators do. As a reminder, we define a huddle as a short, recurring training session that is focused on […]

Just in case you have too much time, money, and credibility, Dan Markovitz shares a short  article that will cost you none of the above but will help you learn how to squander it.  Just in case 2020 wasn’t challenging enough for you, here’s a brilliant example of how to waste time, money, and credibility […]

In this article, Susan Hamilton Meier tackles the issue of communication and climate change, and applies principles of branding to overcome barriers in communication. I talk a lot with my clients about empathy. Putting yourself in the other person’s shoes when you’re trying to get your message across. Speaking their language. Meeting them where they […]

Priyanka Ghosh shares an article on the art of storytelling and how to use it when applying for jobs of pitching your projects.  Traveling back in time, the art of storytelling began with oral narratives told from generation to generation. And as with the passing of time, the oral narratives evolved further to accommodate wall […]

In this article, Robyn Bolton explains why problems with innovation is often a leadership communication problem. Do you sometimes feel like you’re living in an alternate reality? If so, you’re not alone.  Most innovators feel that way at some point. After all, you see things that others don’t. Question things that seem inevitable and true. […]