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Building strategy

Building strategy

In this article, Luiz Zorzella explains the importance of focusing on segments and markets when building a strategy and outlines a few key steps to take when doing so.  Financial services leaders often overlook the importance of your decision regarding which segments, markets, channels, and products to focus on. One of the reasons is that, […]

Carlos Castelan shares a retail blog on changes in supply chain network strategies and expectations in retail.  What is our supply chain network strategy?  This is a big question evaluated by many retailers this year, with a sharpened focus on efficiency and flexibility, amidst the digital sales boom sparked by the pandemic.  The question of […]


In this article, Nora Ghaoui explores the ability of AI to write a strategy. Three years ago, I asked if large companies all had the same strategy. Perhaps their strategies all sounded the same because managers picked up the same ideas from MBAs and consultants, or because they hired the same copywriters. Last month, a […]

From his company website, Andrew Hone provides a step-by-step guide to applying top-tier strategic consulting techniques, including value creation through strategy and delivering a strategic review.  What is a strategy review? A strategy review is a process to identify new value-creating opportunities within a business. It could be about improving the performance of an existing […]

In this article, Mark Hess outlines the principles of strategy, including what makes a strategy a good strategy. In broad strokes, strategy is decision making—but not in the way one might think. The most important part of your strategy is deciding what you’re not going to do. What is Strategy? Strategy, simply stated, is how […]

Marja Fox shares key tips on building strategy. In a previous post, I laid out the signs that your small- or medium-sized business might be ready for a new strategy. Those signs include evidence that your current strategy may not function well to define your choices and align your organization but also outward triggers that […]