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Umbrex is pleased to welcome Alonzo Page with Strange Oaths.  Alonzo, Founder & CEO of Strange Oaths, scales market-defining brands and products with data-driven creativity. A former Bain consultant and Peloton’s Head of Global Consumer Strategy, he leverages analytical precision and a passion for storytelling to fuel sustainable growth. His journey from Yale, to Columbia […]

In this article, Cheryl Lim Tan shares six ways to be a savvy wholesale buyer. The Boutique Hub and Tundra have communities of thousands of buyers who are always looking for more ways to confidently grow their business and make smarter buys. Some of the questions we often receive are around retail best practices for […]


From David Hensley’s company blog, a post on assessing and improving the company brand. We are often called in to advise on whether and how to refresh B2B brands, and even ‘should we change our name?’ Our advice is always that it depends on the circumstances. Has the product offer changed significantly? Has the nature […]