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Susan Meier shares corporate (and life) advice wrapped up in memory. After 75 years of frowning at fish, my father shocked me by booking an omakase sushi lunch for his birthday. My dad had always been a steakhouse guy, a meat-and-potatoes man. Over the years, I’d tried to get him to eat fish, to no […]

Tommy Kim shares an article he co-wrote with Christopher Kim that is all about searching for the most important brand.  There is little in this world that is completely unattainable. The world is your oyster. As you look through college or graduate school catalogues, researching companies you want to start your career or transition into […]


In this article, Belinda Li explains what a social enterprise is and how it differs from most businesses. When I tell people our consulting firm has a passion for helping social enterprises, I’m sometimes met with the question, “what do you mean by social enterprise?” Or I might get a knowing look, yet the response […]

  For everyone who has ever struggled with identifying a clear, concise, and compelling value proposition, Barry Horwitz shares an article that clarifies the issues and identifies the pitfalls.  In his book, Your Music and People, Derek Sivers addresses a problem faced by musicians: being asked to describe the kind of music they play. Saying […]

  Susan Meier shares a recent interview where she explains the importance of humanizing your brand, and steps you can take to make sure your branding reflects your values. Creativity and strategy: Two words that seem vastly different but oftentimes go hand in hand. Right and left brains must balance in the world of branding, […]

  While many companies pay lip service to company values, and many more don’t pay attention past the brand development and marketing stage, Xavier Lederer shares an evergreen post from his company blog that explains why establishing and maintaining core values are integral to a company’s direction, growth, and success. ‘Corporate culture is the only […]

  Kaihan Krippendorff provides a framework that can be used to address and adjust the paradigm of your organization.  At Outthinker, we have been tracking a sea change in the idea of a corporation’s shift for two decades. We have witnessed a slow but determined march away from the view that corporations exist to serve […]