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Brand Management

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Eric J Evans with Growth Analytics. Eric is an experienced life sciences senior executive. After beginning his career in brand management at Procter & Gamble and in strategy consulting at the Boston Consulting Group, he went on to be Managing Director of Growth Analytics Inc., an international consulting firm specializing […]


In this concise post, Susan Meier explores the art of building ‘better’. “Art is the generous act of making things better by doing something that might not work.” – Seth Godin “We have to do better.” How many times have you heard that said in the past few years? I’ve lost count. In arenas ranging […]

This article from Jonathan Paisner explores the integration of  thought leadership articles from employees and brand management of the company. QUESTION: HOW DO COMPANIES WITHOUT A STRONG, CENTRALIZED EDITORIAL FUNCTION ENCOURAGE EMPLOYEES TO BUILD THOUGHT LEADERSHIP PLATFORMS, WHILE ALSO ENSURING QUALITY CONTROL AND BRAND ADHERENCE?*  As thought leadership platforms evolve into audio/video/digital experiences, there is […]

In this article, Jonathan Paisner identifies the problems of an aging brand and what to do about it. Chapter 3: Age: The telltale signs your brand has grown old before its time – and what to do about it. This is the third and final installment of a series about issues that can “break” a […]

Jonathan Paisner shares the first article in a series of three that highlights the symptoms, causes and cures for a broken brand. Like the proverbial frog in boiling water, companies generally don’t jump into a brand that is confusing, misaligned, antiquated or irrelevant. But left unchecked, the steady trickle of strategic shifts, shiny new technologies, […]

David Hensley shares a post that breaks down the steps of refreshing a brand.   We are often called in to advise on whether and how to refresh B2B brands, and even ‘should we change our name?’ Our advice is always that it depends on the circumstances. Has the product offer changed significantly? Has the nature […]


David Edelman shares an article that extols the benefits of video as an effective business communication tool.   “When you buy a new car, do you really want to learn about it from a 300-page manual, or would you rather have a curated curriculum of two-minute videos that you work through at your own pace, […]

  In response to the recent news on how many brands approached this year’s Super Bowl ads, Jennifer Hartz shares an article that highlights corporate responsibility in action.   Two stalwart Super Bowl brands and commercial rivals are skipping 2021 game ads. On February 2nd, amidst a global pandemic and national division, millions will watch Super […]


  In this inspiring podcast, Susan Hamilton Meier and Ross Swan talk about how leadership sets the tone and direction of a brand.  Branding requires leadership. One can start or have a company with great products or services and doing well in the market. But a brand can be nebulous or inconsistent and it really […]

  Toopan Bagchi identifies the importance of  building segmented brand management teams to maximize marketing capabilities and effectiveness.   In a continuously disrupted landscape, many retailers are realizing the potential for private brands to not only improve margins, but to also attract customers, build baskets and drive loyalty. However, given retail’s traditional reliance on CPG companies […]