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Brand Identity

Brand Identity

David Hensley shares a case study on creating a new name and identity for a fast growing network of Medico-Legal experts. We were approached by Professor Charles McCollum, the Lawyer Monthly Vascular Expert of the Year 2016 & 2017, to help him grow his Medico-Legal practice, Cardiovascular Advisors. The practice was growing into medical specialisms […]

Jonathan Paisner shares branding insights and how to approach developing a brand name. How you name your products defines how you communicate about the core deliverables of your business. A well thought-out system for naming should be a natural part of developing and managing a brand. The first time I heard the word “nomenclature” was […]

 Mirko Jens Luebke’s article on reputation management provides direction for a company by diving into brand identity. Companies invest a significant amount of time and resources in creating and marketing brands that they hope will become household names. What are you willing to invest to do the same for your “Personal Brand”?  As Tom Peters […]

Surbhee Grover shares a company post that dives into clean, conscious beauty products. Our view on Clean and Conscious Beauty You often hear “Clean Beauty” and “Conscious Beauty” used interchangeably.  And that’s perhaps understandable given there’s no agreed definition of the terms.  But before we dig into how we think of these two (similar but […]


  In this podcast, Susan Hamilton and Ethan Beute discuss brand psychology and how your breakfast cereal makes you feel about yourself.  Much like having a relationship with another human, a lot of it is about how that other party makes you feel about yourself. Or how you are able to see yourself via that […]

  Susan Meier was recently interviewed on the Expert Insight Interview where she shared her expertise in brand strategy building. The world is rapidly changing, and many things are being disrupted or reinvented. While various activities are paused at the moment, it’s the perfect time to reflect on your business and brand. It is the […]

  Susan Meier was recently interviewed on The Growth Zone where she shared her expertise on good branding strategies and how to upscale brand visibility. Brands of all kinds are seeing a huge need to rethink and reinvent in the new context we’re faced with. The game has changed, but the basic rules remain the […]