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Best Practice

Barry Horwitz provides a post that is designed to make you rethink best practices. I often hear about companies that want to use a process of “best practices” in their planning work. This may seem like a logical place to start, however, in my mind, the best practice — especially when it comes to developing […]

  When building a bicycle for his daughter, Azim Nagree was reminded of the importance of two key components of best practices: process and documentation. Last week, my daughter turned 4 and I found myself, late at night, trying to build her new birthday bike. The task would have been made easier if the instructions […]


  Tobias Baer explains why the lack of randomized testing hampers businesses and raises the costs of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The lack of randomized testing again and again hampers businesses because it means executives need to make decisions half blind – and Covid-19 is no different, only that in the case of Covid-19, the cost […]