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B2B Sales

B2B Sales

Mike Dowhan shares how AI is changing the sales landscape and how salespeople can use it to their benefit.  The sales department plays a crucial role in any organization’s success. As technology advances, it is vital to understand the trends in sales, including AI. Its widespread adoption has transformed almost every sector, and its application […]

Does your sales copy fail to connect to customers and gain leads? Kedar Gharpure shares an article that may help you improve your B2B sales story. #Price can often be the first casualty as companies compete in markets shrinking due to #COVID19. However, now more than ever, it is essential to compete on value and […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Olga Belousova. Olga is independent consultant located in France and combining business consulting with her art project. Olga is focused on services to local and international small and medium enterprises. She spent 2 years in Booz and Roland Berger as a consultant, prior to moving into management consulting Olga gained over […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Stepan Chrz.  Before joining a data consultancy boutique as a Chief Commercial Officer, Stepan worked at McKinsey’s Prague office with a focus on strategy, transformations and B2B sales. He worked on 5 continents with clients spanning from light and heavy industry to telecoms and banks to online classifieds. Stepan holds […]

  Geoff Wilson offers a practical process for increasing sales with no tricks or wizardry needed.  The sales function far too often treated like an impenetrable combination of personalities, voodoo, and tradition.  It’s time for that to stop. “I have a theory when it comes to sales.  It goes something like this: Along the way […]

  Azim Nagree explains which methods of communication work best during a pandemic and why.  When companies ask me how to accelerate sales or improve retention, I tell them a story. I needed to purchase a sign for my wife’s French pastry shop. I spoke with the front desk clerk who said that it would […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Andre Martinelli.  André has spent his career helping companies and people grow.  Prior to starting his consulting practice, André was a Director, Go-to-Market for Vista Consulting Group (VCG), the operations arm of Vista Equity Partners. Before that, André was a Managing Director at Blue Ridge Partners, a management consulting firm […]