B2B pricing innovation

B2B pricing innovation

In this article Kedar Gharpure shares key steps to develop value-based pricing.  You have likely read articles about Value-Based Pricing (VBP) – after all, the concept has been around for several decades. However, our review of over 50 VBP articles from the top search results highlight that a) there is very little VBP literature geared […]


Andrew Hone shares an article on pricing strategy and access to a full report. There’s no escaping it: pricing is one of the most important aspects of any business. Get it wrong and you can find yourself out of business. But get it right, and you can achieve a step-change in profitability, generating the free […]

  Ian Tidswell shares pricing information on creating and capturing value in an informative infographic. Success in the Medical Technology industry requires constant innovation. However, capturing a fair share of the value (pricing) from that innovation throughout the product life cycle is especially challenging given multiple market access hurdles, constrained healthcare budgets, and diverse stakeholders. […]

  Ian Tidswell and Norbert Paddags co-wrote this article on what bankers should learn about innovative pricing approaches to increase profitability. Pricing – What private bankers can learn from Porsche Banks have learned a lot from industries like the automotive sector in the past, but they still have some catching up to do. This includes […]