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B2B Marketing

B2B Marketing

Alonzo Page is launching a new website for his marketing consultancy serving startups and growth-stage companies.  Where Conviction Meets Creativity: Introducing Strange Oaths I’m excited to share my newest venture: Strange Oaths, a marketing consultancy focused on custom, GTM advisory. After a fulfilling tenure leading Consumer Strategy and Insights at Peloton, I’ve decided it’s time […]

Barry Saunders shares a case study on conducting a market scan and creating a market strategy for commercializing the GovZone Secure Hosting capability that ESA has built internally for Education Services Australia. We were engaged by Education Services Australia (ESA) to conduct a market scan and create a market strategy for commercialising the GovZone Secure […]

Does your sales copy fail to connect to customers and gain leads? Kedar Gharpure shares an article that may help you improve your B2B sales story. #Price can often be the first casualty as companies compete in markets shrinking due to #COVID19. However, now more than ever, it is essential to compete on value and […]

Rahul Bhargava shares an article that identifies the five benefits of a newsletter marketplace. What is newsletter sponsorship? What are its benefits? Is there a newsletter marketplace where all newsletters are available in one place? In recent times, we have all been witnessing the growing popularity of newsletters. From acclaimed authors and journalists to food, […]

David A. Fields shares a few key tips to get the ball rolling for effective marketing of your consulting firm. Effective marketing will increase awareness, engagement and credibility among your consulting firm’s target audience. However, your efforts to build visibility consume considerable time and money while producing questionable results. A couple of proven, consulting firm […]

What does your consulting firm really do? Can you communicate your consulting firm’s mission — who you serve and what you do — to your clients in just one sentence?  If not, you aren’t alone. Summarizing your business in just a few words can be an intimidating task.  Fortunately, consulting expert David A. Fields has […]


James Black shares timeless marketing advice that identifies the role and benefits of testing. As your marketing shifts from planning to execution, it’s important to structure tests to understand how well your marketing is performing, and to learn from it.  While the old adage “Half of my marketing isn’t working, I just don‘t know which […]

Bernie Heine shares an article on marketing that focuses on using neuroscience to improve marketing tactics.  Spending money can be painful. Brain scans of people buying experimental stuff with experimental money show physical pain centers being activated by perceptions of poor value items. Price is a big part of this, of course, but perception is […]

  From Johannes Hoech’s company blog, an article that shares the facts and stats on how the pandemic has affected B2B marketing teams and what they can do about it.  For B2B marketers in 2021, a new mandate has become clear: Evolve or perish. As marketing leaders steer their ships through the turbulence of COVID-19, […]

  Ian Tidswell provides an infographic that provides the details of the key 6 steps to creating and capturing value in MedTech, from offer design through market access and reimbursement approval to new product transitions. Success in the Medical Technology industry requires constant innovation. However, capturing a fair share of the value (pricing) from that […]