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B2B manufacturing

B2B manufacturing

David Hensley shares a rebranding case study on Birla Tires. Updating Perceptions of Birla Tyres Birla Tyres has been one of India’s leading tyre manufacturers for over 25 years, having been set up in collaboration with Pirelli in the early 1990s. However, while there has been significant recent investment in R&D, new tyres, an enhanced […]


  Robbie Kellman Baxter shares her latest article with expert insights on the subscription-based business model. This week, she discusses the disruption to the manufacturing industry and three mindset shifts leaders will need to make during the coming year.  Whether you’re a B2B manufacturer or a supplier to the industry, it’s time to rethink your […]

  Mohannad H. Gomaa shares succinct recommendations from leading practices on developing a continuity plan for a supply chain.  Key thoughts and advice to update your current Supply Chain Continuity Plan (SCCP) Business Impact Analysis: External Suppliers and Customers: Send questionnaires to your 1xxx+ suppliers and service providers to see how their operations are adjusting […]

  Barry Horwitz shares a recent post on how to deal with the current crisis and benefit from the disruption. “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.” — Stanford economist Paul Romer Yesterday afternoon, I logged into what must be my 150th Zoom conference. What was once an occasional event has turned into a […]

  Geoff Wilson asks the questions that make you think about your business strategy post COVID-19, identifies what you should focus on, and explains how you should move forward. Hey, you there…the guy or gal with the life you always wanted.  How does it feel? You are working from home.  Your computer screen has become […]

  When Kaihan Krippendorff found his calendar clear due to COVID-19 cancellations, he, in collaboration with his team, decided to launch the Reimagine the Future summit. This article is a summary of all 47 sessions, reviewed recordings, and in-depth content analysis of the session transcriptions and audience dialogue from today’s most influential business thinkers who […]

  Eric Hiller provides a short introductory article and a link to a forthcoming webinar on Thursday, May 28, 2020, that explains how to keep a supply chain up and running during COVID-19 and into the future.  The old world… So, you had a supply chain, and you thought it was pretty “optimized.” Yeah, you […]

  David Burnie’s company has published a timely blog on the 21 common mistakes many companies make when rolling out their business continuity plan.  A business continuity plan is essential for preventing and recovering from emergencies and incidents that can disrupt a business. We recently shared our top 13 priorities for a strong BCP. While […]

  Luca Ottinetti provides an article that reflects on past recessionary crises to help business leaders move through the current situation productively with examples of strategies from TMSC, Ford, AB InBev, Home Depot, and Verizon among others. Managing through a recessionary crisis requires more than laying low and waiting for the storm to blow over. […]

  Andrew Hone’s company has developed a 6-week program which takes businesses through each step of our three-stage framework for responding to COVID-19. COVID-19 represents a formidable challenge to businesses of all sizes. Necessary policy responses have caused significant disruption to the global economy, with simultaneous demand, supply and financial shocks. Most businesses are experiencing […]