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Umbrex is pleased to welcome Michele Ross with MLR Consumer&Commerce.   For over a decade, Michele has been finding the intersection of customer needs and companies’ unique value propositions to develop winning strategy. She swiftly grasps even the most complex retail environments, but the real talent is her uncanny ability to identify and understand the consumer. […]


This article from Carlo Palmieri on the future of self-driving cars was written more than a few years ago, but does it forecast the near future? The Internet of Things is a reality and it is going to permeate our daily lives even more in the near future. From Smart Homes to Wearables and Connected […]

Umbrex is pleased to welcome Julie Nelson wih JBN Advisors. A veteran of BCG, McKinsey and PepsiCo, Julie Nelson has deep expertise building Operations strategies to enable growth via efficient, flexible capacity and labor models. She also has extensive experience building productivity plans that deliver competitive cost advantage while supporting strategic initiatives, including automation, digital […]

Hari Sripathi shares an article on how Waymo (formerly known as the Google self-driving car project) will monetize and scale their business. Autonomous driving will be huge a beneficiary of the lingering effects of social distancing. Just as with e-Commerce for grocery, telemedicine and video conferencing, the pandemic has lowered one of the biggest, most […]

David Burnie shares an article that explains how contact center automation helps contact centers achieve their goals of improving the customer and employee experience, lowering costs, and optimizing top-line revenue growth. While live chat, email, and contact forms are increasingly popular for customer inquiries, the contact center is still a vital resource for companies. 76% […]

Ramesh Subramanian takes a look forward to a future where machine learning is automated. Turns out, quite a lot.  This started with the anxiety shared by some co-workers a while ago that the world will end when robots start making robots. And I just happened to hear about auto-ML, the process of automating machine learning. […]

Carlo Palmieri shares ten key insights from a study on consumer interest in self-driving cars. The Internet of Things is a reality and it is going to permeate our daily lives even more in the near future. From Smart Homes to Wearables and Connected Cars, the applications of Internet of Things are rapidly increasing in […]

  David Burnie shares a post from his company blog on how automation in the first step of claims processing can help streamline the process.  The First Notice of Loss (FNOL) – the first step in claims processing – is one of the most crucial customer touchpoints for an insurer. Yet, for most carriers, FNOL […]

  In celebration of International Women’s Day, David Burnie’s company hosted a fireside chat in partnership with Bell on empowering women in the technology and automation industry. He shares the video and transcript from the conversation. The theme for International Women’s Day 2021 is #ChoosetoChallenge. Though the technology and automation industry has come a long […]

  David Burnie shares an article and video on implementing an automation CoE at SCM Insurance Services.   Insurance organizations like SCM Insurance Services are using automation and AI to streamline administrative processes, drive efficiency, and enhance customer experience. ‘All right, I think we have quorum. Let’s get started. Welcome. My name is Sean Hinton. […]